Prisoner of war stories from World War One

Alexander Arthur Fraser, 20th Lord Saltoun, 8 March 1886 – 31 August 1979. 

My great-grandfather, Lord Saltoun, fought in World War One in Germany, but was captured by the Germans and spent four years as a prisoner of war. While he was imprisoned in a camp in Germany a friend of his in London concocted a plan to help him. This friend in London sent a package to the camp where he was imprisoned, addressed to my grandfather. The package was a cake but what the German prison guards discovered was that the cake was merely a ruse and a gun had been baked into the center of the cake in question. My great-grandfather was lucky not to be shot because of this, and the friend in question was swiftly packed off to the British Embassy in Peru to make up for his sins. So much for helping a friend…