Typical pay in Scotland rises above England for first time

pay rates

The typical pay of a Scottish worker has risen above those in England for the first time, according to a new study. The country is on the brink of closing its seven year long “jobs gap” and returning to its mid-2008 employment rate. One of just three parts of the UK yet to restore pre-crash employment rates, Scotland is just 9000 jobs short of closing its post-crisis “jobs gap” the Resolution Foundation has said.

The non-partisan think-tank which works to improve the living standards of those in Britain on low to middle incomes, found that prospects for living standards of low and middle income Scots rests on the strength of the labour market. Closing the gap would be a positive step for living standards more broadly, the group has said.

Connor D’Arcy, Policy analyst at the Foundation, said:

“The next Scottish government should play a central role in fostering such a change.”



One thought on “Typical pay in Scotland rises above England for first time

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    Having just completed a week of work experience at a local newspaper in Edinburgh I thought it only prudent that I share my first proper step within the world of journalism with you all. On the truly fascinating subject of employment, here is my first published article in print journalism.


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